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Fair Winning

I was recently doing one of those You-Tube rounds where you begin with a single objective then a few minutes later you’re out of control watching all the recommended videos that are related. I eventually stumbled across what was extremely… Continue Reading →

Sure Bet

My friends tell me that a sure bet is when you have the exact prediction of a match’s outcome. It could be the number of goals or simply when the teams will score. In short, a sure bet is when… Continue Reading →


Dear Penultimate, It’s time we had a schmooze…


I love hacks! Life hacks, productivity hacks, dating hacks, sleep hacks, just about hacks for anything and everything.

A millennial’s viewpoint


Are these words tormenting you? Do they make you feel like you want to hear no more? Fine, I’ll stop talking about what I saw. (Trust me, I saw more tormenting things). But just sit down, and let life stop… Continue Reading →

The Difference

First off forget everything you know about attitude. Clean slate. Men in black type of forgetfulness.Now picture yourself a grown up child that just realized they are leading life the wrong way. Forget the spelling and pronunciation of the word… Continue Reading →

The Basic Need

Did you know 1 out of every 3 young people will grow up without a mentor? Kenya has around 6.2 million young people between the age of 15-24. Therefore, 2.1 million young people in Kenya  face the risk of never… Continue Reading →

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