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Listen To The Other Side

Before information reaches the brain, it passes through any of our five senses. Three of these are largely objective. What your brain receives when you taste, smell and touch is usually 100% true. It is the other two senses that… Continue Reading →

Process vs. Product

  As millennials, we always criticize the quality of education rendered by most Institutions of Higher Learning in Kenya. No day passes without varsity and college students blaming the economy, government, and management for the expeditious fading value of their… Continue Reading →

Deliberate Dumbness

  I’ve lately been thinking a lot about selective ignorance  and how much it means to me. For a person that has struggled with concentration and focus for the longest time ever, I have come to hold on to this… Continue Reading →

GMC Meets Mentorship

The GMC is growing in popularity among students and young professionals keen to complement the training and mentorship they have received. Beyond a chance to put what they have learned into practice, participants have left the competition carrying with interesting… Continue Reading →

Fair Winning

I was recently doing one of those You-Tube rounds where you begin with a single objective then a few minutes later you’re out of control watching all the recommended videos that are related. I eventually stumbled across what was extremely… Continue Reading →

Sure Bet

My friends tell me that a sure bet is when you have the exact prediction of a match’s outcome. It could be the number of goals or simply when the teams will score. In short, a sure bet is when… Continue Reading →


Dear Penultimate, It’s time we had a schmooze…


I love hacks! Life hacks, productivity hacks, dating hacks, sleep hacks, just about hacks for anything and everything.

A millennial’s viewpoint


Are these words tormenting you? Do they make you feel like you want to hear no more? Fine, I’ll stop talking about what I saw. (Trust me, I saw more tormenting things). But just sit down, and let life stop… Continue Reading →

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