The 7th Annual Aspire Conference is excited to bring to you Reuben Goodluck; a student,a leader and a young entrepreneur who has defiled all odds and created a solid business venture while in campus. Unlike most students, Reuben joined campus to acquire skills that would enable him to create employment opportunities. His experience is a testament that indeed there exists outliers that inspire their own generation.

Setting out at a young age has catapulted Reuben, the Founder & CEO of Capital-G Solutions– a Graphic Design and Branding company- to unthinkable heights. Reuben is a true manifestation of our theme this year “Monetizing your Passion“. His entrepreneurial journey traces back to 2014, when he attended the 4th Annual Aspire Conference where Robert Burale, one of the panelists shared his journey of success in business. The testimonial changed his life completely.

He started off by cooking and selling chapattis to his schoolmates. He later managed to purchase a printer with the proceeds he acquired from the chapatti business. As his name ,Goodluck, prognosticate;the  opportunity of expanding the printing business from a side hustle to a company was actualized.

Today, his business is vital to organizations who understand the essence branding plays in digital marketing and the entire image of a company. He provides large scale graphic designing services such as logo design, web design, signages and car branding to start ups, NGOs and large corporations in all sectors of the economy.

I was privileged to interview Reuben, the CEO of the Fortune 500 of 2025. The following is what he had to say;

What is your occupation and the organization(s) you work for?

Founder and CEO of Capital-G Solutions

If you were to pick one adjective to describe yourself, which would it be?


Briefly describe to us an opportunity or event that significantly changed your life

Its actually the 4th Annual Aspire Conference in my first year that stirred my passion.  One of the panelists speakers – Robert Burale,shared how he began his company from “pretense” and resulted into a successful birth of a great company. This motivated and opened my mind.

What is your biggest motivator?


Why is it your biggest motivator?

I have a great network of successful entrepreneurs and amazing clients who have impacted my life positively and encouraged me to think without the box in my entrepreneurial journey.

What has been your major obstacle to date to monetizing your passion?

Balancing between studies and managing the company.

Who has been your biggest supporter towards turning your passion/hobby/talent into a lucrative venture?

Family, Friends, Mentors and My General Network

What do you hope to achieve from the 7th Annual Aspire Leadership conference on the 22nd of March as a panelist speaker?
  • Encourage someone that it’s possible to start small
  • Seeing students motivated to monetize their passion
  • Grow my network and client base

You cannot afford to miss the 7th edition of the Aspire Leadership Conference at the School of Business, University of Nairobi.Check out the next articles for more releases of our panelist  and keynote speakers and corporate sponsors.