(Sylvie conducting a training on technology in business)

The 7th Annual Aspire Conference is privileged to bring to you Sylvie Waitumbi; a young, brilliant and talented woman who is pursuing her passion. I met Sylvie towards the end of last year and what intrigued me about her was her bold and endearing nature. She was hosting a women breakfast event and she seemed confident and well put together. I soon realized that she, like me  is ambitious, tenacious and did not shy away from a challenge. At the time she was working on writing the first ever Duma Works white paper (The state of the employment market in 2017) Seeing her silently, yet diligently work on this made me want to know more about her experiences and how she ended up here.

She is currently a Marketing Executive at Duma Works in charge of planning and managing events for the company as well as being the Nairobi project manager and ambassador for Phoenix Risen- a community and social platform to help combat sexual violence globally. She has had variety of different professional experiences working in both Kenya and the United Kingdom, including working for KPMG East Africa in the Markets (Government and Public sector field) providing advisory services. As an ambitious young professional woman with a British law degree, she is enthusiastic about uplifting, defending and inspiring women to overcome their greatest obstacles. 

Apart from women empowerment, she is extremely passionate about mind and body wellness! ”I practice and preach  exercise and meditation daily because these are key elements that can help one live their best life” she admits.

She believes that a successful life is one that is spent working hard doing what you love-at the core of this is being able to monetize your passion-reading, laughing and traveling. ”In my opinion there is no other formula than that. ” She chuckles.

I was privileged to interview Sylvie, one of our future Top 30 under 30 women on her expectation as a moderator for the Aspire conference:

What is your occupation and which organization(s) do you work for?
Marketing Executive and Project Manager ( Duma Works and Phoenix Risen)
If you were to pick one adjective to describe yourself, which would it be?


Briefly describe to us an opportunity or event that significantly changed your life

Returning home after pursuing my Undergraduate and Masters degree in the UK opened up a world of opportunities in areas of work that I had never envisaged myself to be able to work in.

What is your biggest motivator?


Why is it your biggest motivator?

When you network you increase your visibility which helps you make good choices in your career which in turn can give you access to money and investment. Then when you look at how networking co-relates to relationships, it is clear that at the very core of networking means understanding the importance of building good, sustainable relationships not just in a career context but with family and friends.

What has been your major obstacle to date to monetizing your passion?

Admittedly, not getting to the point where I have really prioritised making my passion turn into a lucrative business venture.

Who has been your biggest supporter towards turning your passion/hobby/talent into a lucrative venture?

At the top is my family and below that are my career mentors.

What do you hope to achieve from the 7th Annual Aspire Leadership conference on the 22nd of March as a panelist speaker?

I hope to come out of this conference with an array of diverse opinions and ideas on how I can map out a clear path to monetizing my passion, and correspondingly impart some knowledge on those who want to learn from my experiences.

You cannot afford to miss the 7th edition of the Aspire Leadership Conference at the School of Business, University of Nairobi.Check out the next articles for more releases of our panelist  and keynote speakers and corporate sponsors.