I want some of it. I need it. Yet I often repulse most of it.

It often raises concern, brings me a sense of achievement, and calls for improvement.  Feedback serves as a centerpiece to gauge performance yet I often fail to create an environment that accommodates criticism. As a result, I often experience these “oh crap” moments where I remember something I could’ve done better two years ago. I can’t help think of the amount of mental energy I would have saved if I cared to allow people to censure me without being defensive or lashing out. That being said, I have decided to take a few steps to welcome some unpleasing yet important comments.

I guess I’ll be vulnerable, sometimes.

It is crucial that I notice my flaws out loud. Perhaps my friends will appreciate my objective and realistic self-image, and feel free to accept their flaws in my presence. I also think I might benefit from some honest criticism and also gain room to criticize people around me ( heavens know I love doing that).


I’ll give people credit for their feedback, no matter how painful.

Thank you for such a detailed remark. How do you think I could improve on …

Jasper Grosskurth, one of our roundtable mentors, reiterated the fact that people often take a lot of time to give negative feedback. It’s only wise that I listen carefully, and appreciate their effort in trying to make me a better person.

This time, ill improve the way I react to information.

“10% of an outcome comes from a situation, the rest depends on how you react to the situation.”

Now that there’s very little to learn and improve from positive feedback, it is important that I listen to negative feedback. Moreover, I should take time to process and react to feedback with an open mind. Maybe this will allow people around me to let me know how I can do things better, and grow my inner self!!