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I want some of it. I need it. Yet I often repulse most of it. It often raises concern, brings me a sense of achievement, and calls for improvement.  Feedback serves as a centerpiece to gauge performance yet I often… Continue Reading →

The late loop

First you check your watch. You are tempted to cuss out loud but you know better. You check your watch once more. Anxiety. A series of excuses run through your head like a film. What explanation do you have this time?… Continue Reading →

Wakonyo Igeria

The 7th Annual Aspire Leadership Conference is excited to bring to you one of the most learned women of our age-Wakonyo Igeria. Wakonyo Igeria is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, a Commissioner of Oaths and Notary Public…. Continue Reading →

Arthur Ondago

The 7th Annual Aspire Leadership Conference is excited to bring to you its keynote speaker, Arthur Ondago. Arthur is a seasoned supply chain professional with over 20 years hands on experience in the FMCG manufacturing and distribution with the last… Continue Reading →

The Aspire Leadership Conference

Every year, the University of Nairobi- School of Business, courtesy of Greenhorn Mentorship Program, gets to host what is arguably the largest student-organized event of the year-The Aspire Leadership Conference (Aspire). Our very own, yearly project and pride. It is… Continue Reading →

GMC Meets Mentorship

The GMC is growing in popularity among students and young professionals keen to complement the training and mentorship they have received. Beyond a chance to put what they have learned into practice, participants have left the competition carrying with interesting… Continue Reading →

Fair Winning

I was recently doing one of those You-Tube rounds where you begin with a single objective then a few minutes later you’re out of control watching all the recommended videos that are related. I eventually stumbled across what was extremely… Continue Reading →

Sure Bet

My friends tell me that a sure bet is when you have the exact prediction of a match’s outcome. It could be the number of goals or simply when the teams will score. In short, a sure bet is when… Continue Reading →


Dear Penultimate, It’s time we had a schmooze…


I love hacks! Life hacks, productivity hacks, dating hacks, sleep hacks, just about hacks for anything and everything.

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