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Nuggets for the New Mentorship Year

As we begin our mentorship year, I think it timely to just share with you some tips on mentorship. Not that I am a guru on the subject -being a mentee myself- but I have gathered some helpful tips from… Continue Reading →

Listen To The Other Side

Before information reaches the brain, it passes through any of our five senses. Three of these are largely objective. What your brain receives when you taste, smell and touch is usually 100% true. It is the other two senses that… Continue Reading →

Deliberate Dumbness

  I’ve lately been thinking a lot about selective ignorance  and how much it means to me. For a person that has struggled with concentration and focus for the longest time ever, I have come to hold on to this… Continue Reading →

Sure Bet

My friends tell me that a sure bet is when you have the exact prediction of a match’s outcome. It could be the number of goals or simply when the teams will score. In short, a sure bet is when… Continue Reading →


I love hacks! Life hacks, productivity hacks, dating hacks, sleep hacks, just about hacks for anything and everything.


Are these words tormenting you? Do they make you feel like you want to hear no more? Fine, I’ll stop talking about what I saw. (Trust me, I saw more tormenting things). But just sit down, and let life stop… Continue Reading →

The Difference

First off forget everything you know about attitude. Clean slate. Men in black type of forgetfulness.Now picture yourself a grown up child that just realized they are leading life the wrong way. Forget the spelling and pronunciation of the word… Continue Reading →

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