Save Him.


My youngest son needs to grow

He needs to blossom into a man

He needs to learn from other’s

Men who have led by example

But who will he learn from?

His father is in jail

And so are his father’s friends

His uncle is always at the street corner

He is among the guys who whistle at ladies

Use crude and disrespecting language to all

The corner is Smokey from cannabis

His elder brother batters his wife

He does not provide but drinks away

His male cousin is in court, accused of rape and robbery

The men around him commit crimes

If these are the models, I am scared for my son?

And so I’m pleading

Calling out to any real man left out there.

Come and help me rescue my son

For as long as I am the only one speaking

I fear he will fall into this deadly trap

The one laid by his father and brother before him

Mentor my son, Lift him, so that he lifts his

Kill the cycle of destruction

Destroy this toxic masculinity

Let us build better men

Not boys unprepared for the modern age

Age of respect, responsibility and equality

Cause God knows, it is time.


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