The year is 2020, past the mid mark and you made it. Apart from the usual calendar and the normal 360 degrees clockwise turn of the clock, we had the unusual surprise of the life getting a bit more weird. The tiny new virus is not the only enemy to look for. Opportunistic situations like depression are feasting on people’s inside and to some until now don’t know how to deal with the change.

Nothing is making sense, because the systems that attempted to give life meaning have been shook and some rendered redundant. And yes, that feeling that you get under the impression that something needs to be done, that you are under achieving. Yeah me too!

Its hard to write about this without feeling, like am serving a salad of clichés. Being normal and being you, in the spaces that bring the light into your eyes and make you happy to be alive. Somethings look weird but are totally normal to experience especially during this time. Quick reminder about them, Yeah me too!


You are not a robot. The world has manipulated us into glorifying burnouts. Your brain is clogged and you are exhausted that is the point where we think we should be pushing harder. You feel guilty to even take a slight break. Just stop and breathe even for a couple of minutes. Indulge in that activity that makes you relax a bit or even sit still and enjoy the oxygen you are breathing and fantasize.

Do you know why engines over heat and the preventive measures to avoid it. So, if a machine can get exhausted and just stop, who are you?


Remember how we were all excited that finally we are working from home, no more morning traffic I love it here! Online classes? Fantastic now I can do my classes in bed or snack while in class in my comfortable clothing no need for dress up. Virtuality gave us the option to be anywhere and still be present.

But before we knew it, the blessing we all craved for became a curse. Now we want the old normal and just move. We seriously miss the little chatter before class and that lunch break at work where you would catch up with a colleague. Binge watching series and movies till your eyes have said no more its just not satisfying anymore.

We are human and our needs constantly change. The thing is, once something becomes a routine its boring and now, we want to change it up. Trying things to calm our curiosity. When we at least get closer to where we were before, we will start switching up and miss these quarantine days. The most desired becomes boring due to routine and we always crave for more just to feel alive.


I need to be here and there, you are thinking about how you aregoing to, whatever you thought. I need to go to Mars; am supposed to be building an airport and many other big fantastic dreams you have. I should be on the same level with Bill Gates. You want everything done and accomplished fast because we seek relevance and unlock the peak of satisfaction and success. We don’t want to be insignificant. In the midst of all these, we seem to forget the virtue of patience.

Things take time, and we are busy rushing the process as fast as we can. Don’t crucify yourself when things just don’t work out as planned. Baby steps first. Crawl, then when strong and prepared enough, try walking. Take one day at a time. Start small and grow while practicing the virtue of patience.


The countless times your name has been called in the house, to the point you prefer tiptoeing around. Your job is just getting more dramatic and things just keep popping up to your surprise like a pop-up book. Some the gauge is broken, others the gauge is almost breaking out and to some the gauge is just rising and you can feel the intensity of the pressure.

That pressure was bound to rise. You will overcome it and guess what, Jumanji movie style, a new level of pressure will be unleashed. The good news is, we humans are interesting species and always find our way out but we forget that the situations will still rebound. Learn to cultivate the mindset of preparedness. It was a bad day but not a bad life. A very infuriating and hectic day in work but not the worst job.

Normalize being open to more challenges once we have conquered some.


Don’t we just cringe at the thought or even telling someone “NO”. It feels like you have terminated and completely ignored their existence. It comes with an undesirable taste in the buds that blunts taste of water. Or at least its texture. It does have both right? A taste and texture. If you can’t find accomplishment or relevance in doing it why say yes. If your schedule is so full you are overwhelmed why say yes.

Put yourself first. Learn to respectfully pass requests you are not comfortable doing or will compromise your situation. Be your own hero at least for one day. If you can explain your reason fine and if you also can’t at that moment it is okay. Do so when you personally feel you are at ease.


What makes you light up? Don’t go to the complicated things, the simple ones. Family chit chat that makes you want to listen more and more as you laugh away with your loved ones. Maybe that simple morning when you just wake up and enjoy that cup of tea or coffee. Or you prefer cooking to show off your skills. The moment you jump into your bed and cuddle with your blanket as you enjoy the warmth and take that power nap. An interesting series, movie or show makes your eyes glow with joy. I could go on and on but the list is too joy. I simple things that we overlook since we do it everyday are those that bring the energy back. Give us a reason to be happy to be alive.

You might get bored after a short time on doing these things but eventually you find your way back there to that simple act you normally do and still amazes you day by day by the mount of joy it brings. That same song or songs on your playlist that you vibe to replaying and still makes you smile. Yes? Just do it and replay, if it makes you happy.


Its normal to have fluctuating moods and emotions, during this time of the pandemic. There are days you feel like an Avenger and just want to take over the world and give it all you got. Other days you are under the weather, and take hours to convince yourself to do something. Your whats app chats are piling up unlike your social energy to reply.

Just like your many gadgets or electronics, you need to charge. Give yourself some space and normalize the acknowledgement of your feelings and I mean all positive or negative and deal with them in the ways you think is best for yourself. Not all days we will be on top of the world. Sometimes we just want to stay in a cocoon until it all dies down. Just don’t forget to break out.

We are still trying to figure out this huge maze called life and how its dynamically changing. More mountains to be climbed and more valleys to fall into. Nonetheless, everything falls apart unless you’re holistically well. And this involves being in the spaces that bring the light to your eyes and spring your step. Because we are first human before we are mentors or mentees thus, we need to take care of our headspaces.

In between the things we can control and can’t is a fine a gap people try to fill with different things; superstition, religious beliefs, prayer and other things. You name things. You greenhorn we hope you are filling that gap with activities that invest in your wellness.

Be well

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